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Midwest ICF : Insulated Concrete Forms

Hawkeye Insulated Wall Systems (HIWS) is a division of Hawkeye Ready Mix. HIWS distributes the ECO-Block Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) system. The ECO-Block system represents a better way to build by being both simpler and faster than wood-frame construction. Along with supplying a superior form, Hawkeye in cooperation with ECO-Block provide an unmatched level of customer service to all customers, from first time builders to experienced contractors. They accomplish this through on-site assistance and by offering a complete line of building accessories, including brace support systems. These services continue to separate HIWS and ECO-Block from all other midwest ICF systems. ECO-Block is applicable for all structures both above and below grade, including commercial and residential projects. There are many value-added benefits that make concrete construction the superior method of building; a few are listed below.

Midwest ICF structures are strong!Strong – Concrete stands firm against wind and weather.

Midwest ICF structures are energy-efficient!Energy-Efficient – Save on energy costs throughout the life of the home.

Midwest ICF structures are quiet!Quiet – The insulated concrete of ECO-Block walls significantly reduces noise.

Midwest ICF structures are stable!Stable – Concrete will not warp or twist over time.

Midwest ICF structures are comfortable!Comfortable – ICF walls eliminate drafts and temperature fluctuation.

Midwest ICF structures are healthy!Healthy – ICFs emit no harmful gases and will not support the growth of mold or mildew.

Midwest ICF structures are Class A fire rated!Class A Fire Rating – Fire will not spread through solid monolithic concrete.

In addition to these benefits, Hawkeye offers the most versatile ICF on the market. Their forms adapt to any design, wall thickness, contour or shape and allow for any exterior or interior finish you desire. In addition to being the most versatile form, ECO-Block forms are built to last. The benefits of an ECO-Block home will last the lifetime of the residence. This means a constant high rate of energy savings while enjoying a safe and solid structure.For more information on the ECO-Block system and the benefits of concrete construction please visit the following websites.


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