The Sustainability of Concrete
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The Sustainability of Concrete

There are some misconceptions when it comes to the sustainability of concrete. Below we’ve outlined three reasons we believe concrete is the right solution for your next project.

  1. It Lasts. It’s hard to find another building material that can last as long as concrete. This long lifecycle equates to fewer maintenance costs, higher energy efficiency, and lower greenhouse emissions over the long-term.
  2. Absorbent. Concrete is composed of 6% air, 10% cement, 18% water, 25% sand and 41% gravel. From these basic materials, concrete can be shaped into almost anything you can imagine. The carbon uptake of concrete means that concrete sequesters up to 20% of the annual calcination CO2 emissions produced by clinker.
  3. Continued Innovation. The beauty of concrete is inside each unique formulation that creates endless possibilities for advancement. Different types of concrete such as self-cleaning, bendable, high-performance, graphene and carbon capture concrete are already lowering environmental impact.

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